Smart Energy Meter Installation

Household Showing a Smart Energy Meter Reader

Smart Energy Meter Installation allows you to easily monitor your daily home energy consumption. This is a great way to identify cost savings for your premises.

Smart electric and gas meters are gradually being rolled out across the United Kingdom with no up-front cost. The Government wanted to see the majority of households using smart meters by 2020, but this has now been pushed back to 2025.

Reclaim Control Over Your Energy Bills

These are great to help you see how much energy you are using per day, so it becomes easier to regulate and conserve energy. Our team have installed a lot of these for residential customers across Hampshire.

Smart meters can raise awareness of your current energy usage. This can lead to changing to a better tariff or buying A-Rated energy efficient appliances.

Benefits of Using Energy Monitors

  • You can easily check your daily energy consumption and make changes to help lower your daily use.
  • Make it easier to read your current usage when reporting back to your energy provider.
  • Smart meters allow you to see if an alliance is using more energy than it should.
  • No need to manually submit your meter readings, a smart meter communicates with your energy supplier and updates them on your energy use.
  • Energy usage data is automatically sent to your supplier. This means you will never be billed based on estimated use, meaning that you only pay for what you’ve used.

If you have an old fridge freezer could be working at full power if you have a leak in the door seal. This means the compressor has to work harder to keep your fridge freezer at the right temperature.

Using a voltage meter is another good way of testing the electricity use of certain appliances. These can highlight areas where you could see real cost savings by upgrading or replacing older appliances in your home.

Common Problems With Energy Monitors

  • Comaptibility with existing equipment.
  • Service disruption?
  • Validating that the read out on the monitor is correctly set up based on the costs per unit with your energy supplier.
  • Privacy and security concerns have been raised regarding the information that is sent from your smart meter to your supplier and how that is processed and used. In some cases it is unclear whether that information is shared with third parties

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Get A Smart Meter Installed?

    You can try and switch onto a tariff that requires smart meters, and some providers may fast-track your installation to accommodate this request. If smart meters aren’t available to your area yet, you should be able to register your interest, which may prioritise your request when the time comes.