Hot Water Cylinders

We can modify the boiler configuration for your current central heating system. This ensures your central heating system will run more efficiently and that could reduce your heating costs.

This upgrade can include individual control over your radiators and the hot water storage cylinder. By fitting thermostatic radiator valves you have an easy way to control the heating of individual rooms.

We can reposition, upgrade and remove, upgrade, remove and move your radiators. Our team carry out a thorough service that includes radiator maintenance, repair and installation of all brands and types of boilers.

Frequently Asked Hot Water Cylinder Questions

How much does it cost to replace a hot water cylinder?

You should expect to pay anything between £400 and £500 for labour and fittings (excluding the hot water cylinder). If the work includes the cylinder, then you shouldn’t be paying anything more than £800 to replace the hot water cylinder.

How do you know when to replace a hot water cylinder?

There are a few important things to look out for when deciding if your hot water cylinder needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. You have an old water heater installed.
2. Rusty water or heater inlet valve.
3. Increased water heater noise.
4. Your water cylinder has a leak.
5. Heating up water is taking longer than normal.

How can you reset your hot water cylinder?

If your home has no hot water, then you should turn off the heater first. Then, it’s a simple case of resetting the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker tripped, then your house will start heating hot water within an 1 hour of the system being reset.

If your circuit breaker regularly trips you should push the reset button. This is not a good sign and you should get in touch with a professional local plumber.