Heated Towel Rail Installation

Heated Bathroom Towel Rail Installation

A nice warm towel is always pleasant for you to dry off after a shower. Our heated bathroom towel rail installation combines classic design with advanced electric heating technology to bring a modern style to your bathroom.

The towel rails are available as a single bar or multi bar option with a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit any bathroom. Electric towel rails provide a gentle and radiant heat source for your towels.

Our heated bathroom towel rails take advantage of dry heating technology and unlike conventional towel rails, ours do not contain water inside the bars. The last thing you want is leaking water all over your wet room.

Made With High-Quality Stainless Steel

The bathroom towel rails we recommend have been specifically manufactured using corrosion resistant stainless steel. They are a 304 grading, making them resistant to staining and corrosion. Our towel rails are great for bathroom use.

Single Bar Heated Towel Rails

Smaller bathrooms doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality or style. Because of the modular design, our heating engineers can fit electric towel rails in large and small bathrooms.

Using energy-efficient heating methods provide gradual heat dispersion to quickly dry off your towels. The heated bars can be installed anywhere in your bathroom but there should be 250mm between each rail.

Single-bar heated towel rails provide great flexibility to change the stainless-steel rails so they meet your desired preference. The towel rails come with multiple finishes.

If you have space, we always recommend installing 3 bars to make a bold and stylish finish for your wet room & bathroom.

Multi Bar Heated Towel Rails

Create a stunning and modern bathroom using our Multiple bar Towel Rail. It has quick heat up times and these towel rails are large enough that they can quickly dry off several towels at once. Multiple bars are great for larger bathrooms.

Our single and multi bar heating products come in a squared or rounded design depending on your requirements.

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