Frozen and Burst Pipes Repair

Frozen and burst pipes are one of the most frequent plumbing problems we deal with in towns across Hampshire. Older properties may have old pipe work that results in occasional leaks without you realising there is an issue.

The potential damage caused by a leaking pipe can range from increased utility bills or signs of mould growth that often leads to health concerns. Water leaks can be really difficult to find, so our plumbing and heating experts use the latest technology to make it quicker and easier to fix broken, leaking or cracked pipe work.

Burst and Frozen Pipes in your family home is a common problem during the winter months. This can affect all types of pipe work – from standard copper pipes to insulated lagged pipes and everything in between.

Leave This One To The Professionals

Some residential customers try to solve the issue of frozen pipes themselves, but this type of plumbing service necessitates the skills of a trained plumber. If left untreated a frozen pipe could lead to it bursting and causing additional problems and damage.

Our experienced plumbing team in Hampshire have a long history of working with frozen pipes. Our techniques are safe and efficient, and we’re always happy to offer professional advice on how to minimise the risks linked to burst or frozen water pipes.