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Worcester Bosch gas boilers cost between £570 and £1,500, depending on their type and size.

Worcester Bosch boilers are not sold directly by Worcester Bosch. Instead, they tend to be supplied through Worcester Accredited Installers. Many accredited installers specialise in Worcester products and most can offer extended guarantees.

It’s also possible for any installer in the country to install a Worcester Bosch boiler, even if they’re not accredited, however you might not get as long a guarantee if this is the case.

If you have any problems with your new appliance during the manufacturer’s guarantee period, you should contact your installer first to ensure it is an appliance fault.

Installing a Worcester Bosch boiler into your house might considerably improve your home heating.

They have a credibility for offering exceptional quality, trusted items and remain in high favour with consumers across the nation, with their Greenstar range being considered a Which? Finest Buy on multiple events.

There is a comprehensive series of products offered for homes of all sizes and shapes, so you’re rather likely to discover an ideal choice for your house.

Energy-Efficient Residential Boilers

Worcester Bosch boilers are renowned for their energy-efficiency. These A-rated energy efficient boilers produce water vapour condensation to extract as much heat from the fuel as possible, making it possible for homeowners to potentially minimize their family energy usage.

Worcester Bosch Products

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are ending up being an increasingly popular choice for homes in the UK. This is not surprising thinking about the quality of the combi boilers being produced by brand names such as Worcester Bosch.

Worcester Bosch pride themselves on building their combi boilers to high requirements, they produce them with a range of both hot water and central heating features.

These compact boilers could be an ideal alternative for the majority of small to medium houses with one restroom or a typical demand for warm water, providing them with immediate heat and effective central heating. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar I vary is one of the brand name’s top-selling choice of combi boilers.

Traditional Boilers

The standard boilers manufactured by Worcester Bosch could be an ideal option for a lot of homes that have 2 or more restrooms or a high demand for warm water.

These boilers need a different hot-water cylinder and a cold-water tank, so are normally simpler to set up in homes that currently have a standard design of central heating.

Once again, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar variety features the most popular option of traditional boilers; the Greenstar CDi Classic Regular is regular option for homeowners.

System Boilers

Worcester Bosch provide a range of efficient system boilers that are created to be simple to set up and utilize.

These boilers could be a perfect option for households with more than one restroom or a high need for hot-water, as they have the ability to provide hot water to numerous taps concurrently.

Worcester Bosch system boilers need a hot-water cylinder, but there is no requirement for an additional cold water tank, hence offering house owners with an opportunity to conserve area.

Worcester Bosch Warranty

All Worcester Bosch boilers come with a standard 5-year manufacturer-backed service warranty ‡. As a Worcester Bosch accredited installer, we could extend this guarantee to 10 years for an extra rate upon purchase.

A valid guarantee could assist to cover the expense of repair work in the instance that your boiler breaks downs or sustains an internal fault, providing you with included peace of mind.

By picking us to install your new Worcester Bosch boiler, with an extended manufacturer-backed guarantee.

You could have peace of mind knowing that your boiler has actually been installed to an excellent standard which future issues could be remedied by the maker ought to they develop.

Worcester Bosch Service & Repairs

If you ever deal with any problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler, our group are here to assist.

We offer help to house owners across the UK with boiler concerns varying from kettling to malfunctioning pilot lights, so rest assured that we have the technical knowledge and competence to come to your help.

We likewise recommend that you get your boiler serviced every year to assist make sure that is working efficiently and to take on any irregularities that could trigger future issues.

We can offer you with a comprehensive and specialised annual boiler service that might assist lengthen the life of your boiler system. Yearly services are frequently required by producers as part of the service warranty.

We recommend getting your boiler serviced in the summer so that it is totally operating and well for the winter season when you need it the most.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers

Worcester Bosch offers four types of combi-boilers that supply heat and instant hot water:

  • The Greenstar Junior series is the basic-level range for apartments and one-bathroom properties.
  • The Greenstar Si series is for slightly larger properties and offers a higher hot water flow rate.
  • The top of the range Greenstar CDi range can cope with properties with two bathrooms and provide flow rates of up to 17.2 litres per minute.
  • The Greenstar Highflow CDi series comprises of floor-standing combis for large properties.

The higher powered CDi boilers for larger properties and the FS CDi regular for properties where a wall-mounting is not feasible. The compact Greenstar 12i to 24i series and larger 30CDi system boiler provide a wide range of outputs for homes that use a hot water cylinder but no cold water tank.

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