Owned by the Riello Group, Vokera has actually developed itself as a popular domestic heating brand name across both the UK and Ireland.

Founded over 30 years back, the brand name prides itself on developing energy-efficient heating options to suit consumers’ central heating needs.

Trying to find an effective methods of warm water and heating for your house? A boiler from the Vokèra brand could be an appropriate alternative.

Why Choose Vokèra?

Vokera is dedicated to offering homeowners with the complete house heating plan. Making every effort to achieve their customer-focused goals, the brand prioritises the manufacture of energy-efficient domestic heating throughout the UK and Ireland.

Continuously planning for the future, Vokèra’s dedication to continuous development and technical advancement fuels their production of premier heating items.

Aiming to increase your comfort, Vokèra boilers are developed with performance, benefit and ease of use in mind. This led them to becoming a popular brand within the market.

With a strong set of internal values and a values that keeps customer service at the basis of all their choices. You could feel confident knowing that boilers from this brand are created to effectively fulfill your requirements.

Vokèra Product Range

Combi Boilers

Vokèra combi boilers are developed to provide homes with both heating and instant hot water, all in one compact system.

Vokèra boilers are normally appropriate for many little to medium homes that have a low to average demand for hot water.

Traditional Boilers

Vokèra have designed their regular boilers to deliver quality main heating to your home with the use of an additional hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

These boilers tend to be particularly appropriate for homes that already use a standard system, as this might make it possible for a quick and easy installation.

Vokèra standard boilers could be a fantastic choice for many medium houses that have a typical to high demand for hot water. Vokèra boiler designs consist of the Mynute variety.

System Boilers

Vokèra system boilers are made to deliver efficient heating by using an additional storage cylinder for warm water.

The boilers already has the major warm water and heating parts built in, so there’s no need for a cold-water tank.

These boilers tend to be finest matched to most medium to large homes with a high need for hot water. Vokèra boiler models include Evolve and Vision boilers.

Vokèra Warranty

Warranties remain in place to supply you with the comfort you require when acquiring a boiler.

They’re developed to supply aid in the regrettable occasion that a fault occurs with your central heating system. Having a warranty might imply that the manufacturer is liable to replace or fix the boiler at no added expense.

Vokèra boilers typically include a producer warranty of anywhere approximately 7 years, with an extra alternative to extend this, depending upon the model of boiler. This might offer you with cover for faulty parts inclusive of the controls.

Please be aware that conditions will apply and may be subject to change at any time, ensure that you check them through thoroughly.

Elements such as registering your boiler within the assigned period are frequently a requirement. Feel free to call us if you ‘d like to discover more about Vokèra boiler service warranties.

Vokèra Service & Repairs

As part of having a boiler that is in service warranty it is often recommended by makers that you keep the condition of your boiler by organising an annual Vokera boiler service.

If you are planning on having a Vokèra boiler service then a Gas Safe engineer will run checks on the boiler to make sure that it is functioning efficiently without any issues or faults, and more significantly, safely.

Frequently keeping your boiler serviced might help extend its life, so it might well be worth it in the long run. When your boiler suddenly seizes to work it can trigger a terrible amount of distress and inconvenience.

In the event of an issue with your Vokèra residential boiler such as a breakdown or fault, if it’s within service warranty, you can call Vokèra directly. Alternatively we can also offer assistance so do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you get back up and running as quickly as we can.

Contact Vokèra

Homeowner Support
01274 866 100

Monday – Friday: 8.15am – 5pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm

Write To Vokèra

If you have an issue or you need to contact Vokèra, then you can email them on service@vokera.co.uk.

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