The Vaillant Group is a company that establishes products for heating, cooling and hot water. The company employs appriximately 14,000 employees worldwide and generates approximately 3 billion euros. This makes the Vaillant Group one of the largest companies in the residential heating industry in Europe.

Vaillant has been manufacturing heating items for over 140 years and throughout this time, the business has made their mark on the market. Developing and pioneering advanced heating products such as the combi boiler, this German company continues to produce products that are forward-facing and efficient.

If you’re searching for a highly-efficient source of heat for your home, you could consider our range of Vaillant boilers as an alternative. We could provide you with a Vaillant boiler installation at a competitive rate and use you a friendly and reputable service.

Vaillant boilers cost between £740 and £1,500, depending on their type and size.

Why Choose Vaillant?

Vaillant pride themselves in producing their boilers with values of high-quality, effectiveness and development in mind.

The brand makes every effort to design each item with a capability of going beyond expectations and superseding its predecessors, Vaillant boilers are produced to cater to the ever-changing requirements of the house environment.

Valliant boiler systems are produced with the aim of satisfying the specific requirements of each home whilst likewise aiming to remain mindful of the environment.

Vaillant has actually gotten various distinctions throughout the years, consisting of being named among the UK’s leading residential boiler manufacturers.

These accomplishments are seen by Vaillant as a testament to the top quality products that they produce in addition to a reflection of their business work ethic.

Vaillant Product Range


Vaillant combi-boilers are designed to offer your home with on-demand hot water and efficient heating. Mix boilers could be perfect for homes searching for an efficient source of heat and tend to be best suited for smaller houses with a low to typical demand for warm water.

Standard Boilers

The routine boilers produced by Vaillant supply main heating and hot water with the additional use of a hot water cylinder and cold-water tank.

If you currently have a traditional design of central heating and aren’t seeking to change this, a Vaillant routine boiler could be a suitable choice for your house.

These boiler systems are typically ideal for households with numerous restrooms and a higher than typical demand for water.

System Boilers

Vaillant system boilers are designed to warm your house successfully and require an additional sealed water cylinder to keep hot water.

With these boilers there is no requirement for cold-water tanks as the significant heating and hot water system elements are currently built in.

Vaillant system boilers are a great option for a lot of sized households with multiple restrooms and a high need for warm water.

Vaillant Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer-backed guarantees tend to offer most homeowners with an included complacency and assurance in knowing that they are covered need to they deal with problems with their boiler.

A reliable manufacturer-backed service warranty could protect you versus a variety of boiler problems and might conserve you cash in repair expenses. Vaillant boilers typically include manufacturer-backed service warranties that range from 2 – 7 years.

Vaillant Boiler Service and Repair

Here at Plumbers Hampshire, we intend to carry out thorough setups at every property that we visit. It is our objective to offer our clients with the very best service, so must you ever see any faults with your boiler system, we ‘d more than happy to assist and advise.

In addition, if your Vaillant boiler is in need of an annual service, one of our lots of Gas Safe engineers could offer you with a complete and reliable boiler service.

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