Ideal has been one of the industry’s popular makers of domestic heating products for over a century. Founded in 1906, Suitable prides themselves on their development and proficiency of domestic heating and aims to produce items of superior quality.

If you think your household might take advantage of setting up one of Ideal’s energy-efficient boiler systems, take a look at their range. We’ll aim to supply you with an efficient heating solution from the brand at a competitive rate.

Why Choose Ideal?

Ideal has established a strong track record within the industry and has actually made it their goal to produce high-quality, reliable domestic heating unit for a series of various families and requirements.

The 100-year-old business aims to satisfy the needs of all customers, continuously working to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the modern homeowner.

Suitable makes their boilers with both consumers and installers in mind. They prioritise effectiveness, ease-of-use and basic installations with the objective of ensuring that all experiences with their items are easy and problem-free.

The brand has founding principles of quality, innovation and value, and continually makes every effort towards their goal of client satisfaction.

Their mission is to keep their consumers at the heart of whatever they do, and the business constantly aims to improve their products and services in order to accomplish their customer-orientated goals.

The Suitable brand prides itself on its capability to make items that could enhance their consumer’s houses, they have actually been acknowledged for their achievements with many awards including The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their high levels of excellence and industry-leading technology.

Suitable Product Range

Combi Boilers

Suitable combi boilers are developed to deliver both warm water and heating to your home in one compact system.

No additional parts or elements are required for these boilers, making them a possibly fantastic option for homes with limited space.

Ideal combi boilers are usually ideal for smaller sized homes that have one restroom and a lower demand for hot-water.

Standard Boilers

Suitable regular boilers are made to offer your home with central heating and hot-water, with using an extra hot-water cylinder and cold-water tank.

Among these boilers could be especially suitable for your house if you already have a conventional kind of central heating set up, as this could enable a fast and simple setup.

These boiler systems are generally perfect for medium-sized houses with multiple restrooms and a higher demand for hot water.

System Boilers

Ideal system boilers are designed to offer you with a means of efficient heating and hot-water.

These Ideal system boilers need an additional sealed water cylinder to store your hot-water, nevertheless there is no need for any cold-water tanks as the major system parts are currently built in.

Ideal system boilers could be a terrific choice for you if you have a medium to big homes with numerous bathrooms and a high demand for warm water.

Ideal Warranty

Ideal boilers include a standard 5-year maker backed warranty to offer you with an added sense of security in knowing that you could be covered should you face any issues with your boiler.

We could likewise provide you with a prolonged 10-year manufacturer-backed warranty for your Ideal boiler for an additional rate.

This extended guarantee intends to offer you with extra cover and could be an investment well worth making as it might assist you prevent needing to pay for repair work as soon as your initial 5-year service warranty has ended.

Ideal Boiler Repairs & Servicing

We suggest that you organise for your boiler to get serviced on a yearly basis.

This could assist take on any problems within the system and could thus assist prevent future problems from occurring or getting worse. This might consequently permit you to save on future repair work costs.

An annual service could also keep your manufacturer-backed service warranty legitimate, as it is typically a requirement of its conditions.

Our professional team of engineers might provide you with an extensive and professional boiler service, intending to recognize and combat any problems that might appear.

Our Gas Safe engineers are extremely trained to remedy boiler issues such as kettling, leaks or pressure issues, so if you’re having any trouble with your boiler do not hesitate to call us, we might offer you with the assistance that you need.

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