Buyers Guide: Honeywell EvoHome Smart Thermostat Review

The Honeywell Evohome is a thorough clever heating option which the producer claims can lower your energy expenses by as much as 40% each year.

Evohome is a good entry level option to add smart home heating to your premises. With the smartphone app you can control your heating when you’re not home.

Honeywell EvoHome Control Unit
Honeywell EvoHome Control Unit

While the majority of heating unit begin with a single-zone thermostat and let you construct out multiroom control, Evohome is developed with multiroom in mind. The system is more costly than much of the competitors, however the compromise is well worth it if you’re after great control.

  • Control the temperature level in as much as 12 zones around the house
  • Has the possible to conserve optimum quantity of money if utilized properly
  • Manually control specific zones/rooms
  • You can have various temperature levels in various spaces
  • Zone heating is the most effective approach according to professionals
  • Honeywell Evohome need to spend for itself in 2.5 years
  • Control the heating with your voice thanks to Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatibility

How Can The EvoHome Help You?

Save Money On Heating Bills

Honeywell EvoHome clever thermostats offer house owners the possible to conserve the most cash on their heating expenses long term. Each specific zone is by hand managed through a devoted touchscreen panel, or additionally with your smart device, which wirelessly links to your house’s broadband router.

The boiler and radiators are managed through a mobile phone app or main console. It does not provide the exact same level of remote gain access to compared to Hive or Nest.

According to Honeywell, the very best energy cost savings can be attained by effectively handling the temperature level of private zones, or spaces. Having modular control over the temperature level of specific zones is what sets Evohome apart from other clever thermostats.

What Makes The Honeywell Evohome The Right Choice?

Unlike other wise thermostats, Evohome does not accept the sensing unit system. Rather the Evohome opts for the conventional method of preserving a consistent set temperature level. According to Honeywell, a sensing unit system that is constantly dropping the temperature level and reheating a space is a less effective and more pricey method to warm your house.

The Evohome does not have the capability to discover your energy routines (like Nest and Tado can), however what you get rather is an advanced system. Zone heating provides the optimum level of control and performance; the Honeywell Evohome provides you precisely that.

You can likewise by hand change the temperature level of the radiator to which they are linked if you desire to. Clearly, if your main heating unit is old and does not utilise temperature level managing valves then you will require to update if you wish to set up the Honeywell Evohome.

Devices and Accessories

How Much Does The Honeywell EvoHome Cost?

Honeywell Evohome needs the Wi-Fi controller and the boiler relay. Depending upon your boiler, you’ll either require the set with the basic on/off relay, or the OpenTherm Bridge. Since you can increase your energy cost savings, this offers regulating heating control and its the suggested setup.

Your bundle will consist of the wise thermostat control system, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and a Remote Access Gateway, which links to your router and interacts wirelessly with the controller. The Evohome starter pack will cost around ₤229.

An extra relay will be essential if you desire Evohome to manage your hot water system. At this moment, the heating unit can run as any old clever thermostat would, managing your heating utilizing the temperature level sensing unit in the controller.

For radiators, you’ll require the HR92UK radiator valve (you can get a discount rate if you purchase numerous valves). These change your existing radiator TRVs, supplying private control over a radiator’s temperature level.

You will likewise require to factor the expenses of a heating engineer to set up the system. The expense for this is usually in between ₤150 and ₤250 depending upon size of home, setup choices and variety of radiators and zone setup.

Installing The Smart EvoHome System

Setup of the Evohome system is a bit more involved than with some other wise thermostats readily available due to the truth that each radiator in your home requires to be fitted with a specific thermostat.

This indicates you’ll require radiators with TRV valves to begin with, or be prepared to stump up the cash to alter your existing valves to TRV valves. TRV valves are the type that allow you to change the temperature level of the radiator.

Many contemporary main heater will have TRV valves, however restroom radiators typically do not. This held true in our home, and we were informed by the installer that what would occur was that the restroom radiator would merely switch on whenever among the other radiators was on, which we figured wasn’t too huge an issue.

TRV Valve Thermostats

The setup of the specific thermostats is incredibly simple if you do not require to alter valves. The TRV valves simply pop off and the Evohome valves slide on. When it ultimately runs out, the installer even reveals you how to do it yourself so that you can alter the battery on the thermostat.

The primary control panel simply requires to plug into a wall socket and then link to your Wi-Fi network, so can go anywhere you ‘d like it. Matching the thermostats and the control panel was likewise extremely basic.

The only little bit of the setup that was a bit difficult was the rewiring required to link the boiler to the cordless signal receiver. This makes your previous thermostat redundant, so you’re entrusted to the alternative of having a redundant thermostat resting on your wall, or getting it eliminated and fixing the resulting hole.

## Performance Overview
The Honeywell Evohome permits you to set schedules for each private thermostat, so if you understand that your bed room is just utilized in the evening, you can set it to be cold throughout the day, warm up half an hour prior to you head to bed, and after that cool off to your favored sleeping temperature level through the night.

The Evohome can even exercise the length of time it requires to warm a space to a specific temperature level, and switch on the radiator the proper quantity of time prior to a set up window so the space is precisely the best temperature level when you stroll through the door.

Having actually zoned controls indicates you can have absolutely independent schedules for each space, so individuals utilizing various spaces can have the heating set to their particular needs.

If you’re still wishing to conserve the cents there’s an ‘economy’ mode that minimizes all temperature levels throughout the board by a couple of degrees, and if you’re off on vacation an easy push of a button turns all the heating to 15 degrees.

All of the functions are quickly available and temperature level control is completely natural, effected by either tapping up or down arrows or by moving and holding to a chosen temperature level.


If you’re a smart home enthusiast then you might discover that the Evohome is somewhat lacking in looks and features compared to some other products available. It deals with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, however just with Alexa and just in a minimal capability. There’s a workaround utilising the complimentary application IFTTT if you’ve got a Google Home clever speaker, however no combination with Apple HomeKit.

Among the significant advantages of the Evohome is that it can not just control radiators, however likewise your warm water and underfloor heating. If you desire to incorporate other heating devices, you require extra parts.

We were blown away by how easy the Honeywell Evohome was to establish and utilize. The app is remarkably created, and all of the functions are truly helpful. It does not seem like there’s anything unneeded about the app or the package.

You do question how you lived without it as soon as you’ve got zonal control of the temperature level in your house. Having the ability to have towels warming in the restroom for your early morning shower while keeping the bed room cool up until you awaken, and after that having actually that space come near temperature level by the time you get out of the shower, is really remarkable.

You can manage the temperature level straight from the radiator thermostat, from the control terminal, from your phone, and even utilizing your voice by asking Alexa.

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